Common concerns, questions, and objections that customers have about Lutz Student Rooms

The Lutz property consists of three floors with offices on the ground floor and six large student apartments on the middle and top floors. The flats range in size from five rooms to ten rooms per flat. The student apartments offer a choice of single and double configurations and are furnished with the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay.

Location of Lutz?

Situated very centrally in the student core of town, opposite the Stellenbosch University’s (SU) “Ou Hoofgebou” near “Admin A” and next to the “Kruiskerk”. Our physical address is 11 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch. The entrance is by the public parking area, opposite Eikestad Mall.


The 6 apartments each have their own living area, kitchen and bathroom/s. In Apartments 3 & 4 there are separate bathrooms for men and women. In each bedroom, there is basic furniture such as a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe. Students supply their own mattresses. In the kitchen and/or living areas there is a fridge, microwave oven, 2-plate stove, induction stove, private grocery lockers, table, chairs and couches.


The Deposit is refundable only after the contract expires – and after breakages, fines, outstanding private fridge levies and end-of-year cleaning costs (where applicable) – have been deducted.


As the normal practice is in Stellenbosch, rooms are leased for a fixed period of 12 months – from 1 December  to 30 November. (If you need to move your stuff out from, for example your Res, you can do that from the 1st of December before going on holiday.)

No Smoking?

No smoking is allowed in the building. You are also responsible for your guests’ actions. No hookah pipes allowed on premises.

What is in the kitchen?

Each student, kitchen table / kitchen top and chairs, a large dustbin and large recycling bin.

What is in the lounge?

Each student has a lockable cupboard for groceries. There is a kitchen table/kitchen top and chairs, a large dustbin, large recycling bin, Hotplate, Microwave and Fridge-freezer.

What is in the bathrooms?

Shower with door/curtains, basin/s, toilet.

What is in the bedroom?

Single bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, vertical blinds, curtain rods, towel hook.

Wi-Fi (General Internet)?

The Username and Password for the FREE high speed, uncapped Internet (Ts & Cs apply), will be included in the envelope, along with your set of keys. Only one device can be connected at a time. Do not divulge your password to friends – please keep the line available for the Lutz Students’ use ONLY!

How do we save water in Lutz Building?

The Lutz Building recycles the shower water (after cleaning) for use in the toilets. Please do your part by not rinsing under running water, report any leaking taps and take a “less-than-2-minute-shower”.

What shops are near the Lutz Building?

The Lutz Building is right opposite the Eikestad Mall with shops (amongst others) such as Checkers, Woolworths, Game and Food Lover’s Market, as well as many fast food outlets including King Pie, McDonalds, Spur, Panarottis, etc. Visit for more info.

What should I bring?

Supply your own mattress, should you not be satisfied with the mattress on the bed, if any. The Bergzicht Furniture shop is nearby and they will deliver.


Washing can be done at Bergzicht Laundry, Andringa St (opposite the Lutz Building). Open from 15:00 – 21:00. Bergzicht Laundry gives one the option to do your own washing, or to hand it in between 08:30 and 15:00 for washing and later, pick it up again.  There are also washstands in the bathrooms for smaller items to be washed by hand.


When you stay in the Lutz you do not need a car. Both UBER and BOLT are very active in Stellenbosch. The Lutz Building is centrally situated in relation to both the University and the shops, so a vehicle is expendable. The building is next to the public parking area, across from the Eikestad Mall. Matie Bikes (Dutch bicycles) are available for annual rental from the SU Vehicle Pool. Only public parking is available in front of Lutz Building. Parking on premises is for office staff only. NO parking is available on the premises for students.

House Rules?

The “House Rules and Regulations” (Addendum “B”) forms part of the Lease Contract. In the event of repeated transgression of any of the “House Rules and Regulations”, e.g. smoking in the building or the misuse of liquor, a fine can be levied and/or the Lease Agreement cancelled without prejudice to any of our rights to claim unpaid rental and or damages caused.

How to apply:

1. Go to website and choose a room
2. Complete the attached application form.
3. Email the following to or drop it off @ the Lutz Building (11 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch):
3.1. The application form (attached)
3.2. Parents/guardian ID or Passport (if applicable)
3.3. Student ID or Passport
3.4. Parents/guardian proof of address
3.5. Proof of payment of R400 Application fee.
3.6. Student’s June 2021 exam results

No Rooms available for 2022
Geen kamers beskikbaar vir 2022

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