Terms and Conditions

There Terms and Conditions are the rules by which one must agree to abide by in order to use Lutz Accommodation.

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These “House Rules and Regulations are in terms of clause 11.1.1. of the Lease Agreement and for good order and neighbourliness towards fellow occupants and other tenants of the building.

All Tenants of the premises and other persons who are entitled to occupation and visitors of the specific premises must obey the Rules, despite other stipulations and clauses contained in the Lease Agreement or the granting of a right of occupation.

Flat Meetings

Flat meetings will be held as necessary. Attendance of flat meetings are compulsory for all tenants of the specific flat for which the meeting is called.

Electric and Electronic Equipment

Allowed per person: 1 PC (computer) and 1 bedside lamp in the room.
Allowed per room: 1 electric fan, 1 heater (not the open-element type), 1 TV and/or 1 radio. A levy of R390 per month will be payable for a small bar fridge, or R590 per month for a large fridge in the room. No electrical food-preparation equipment is allowed in the room. No other stoves allowed, except those provided by Lessor. No portable or installed air conditioners, washing machines or dishwashing machines are allowed on the premises.


Fines will be imposed upon breach of the “House Rules and Regulations”. If the culprit does not come forward, all tenants in the specific flat will be fined collectively. If fines are not paid, it will be deducted from the relevant party/parties’ deposit/s at the end of the year.